Ramsey’s remove and and the legacy and Arsenal have left

Read Ramsey’s breakup lines and remember …

Remember his beautiful blows. Remember Van Persie’s left foot volley. Remember the lines created by Fabregas. Remember the beauty of Rosicky, the fire of Wilshere, the speed of Walcott. Then Alex Song, Diaby, Podolski, … before. And Santi Cazorla, Giroud, … later.

People often say that to recognize an adult is to ask them “what is your present dream?”. If the answer is unimaginable then they are still children. “Wenger’s children” once had such a dream, when they wanted to use beautiful football to conquer titles. But reality has shown harshness. Real football squashed the Gunners’ desire. And if you want to be beautiful, then it must be cruel beauty and “fierce” as Barcelona can aim to the top.

Actually, Arsenal of that time did not play so much. They did well in the first half of the season, but after Christmas, each injury eroded its force, and from there all collapsed like chains and at the end of the season only fourth place was a possible target. So then that chorus continues this season after season.

That generation of Arsenal has a lot of beauty. The beauty in the play, in the young faces and in the spirit of devotion. But what is so beautiful is that it often brings a lucky number. Not only is the failure of the title, but the grim years with injuries make the audience excited.

Van Persie, Rosicky is good, but halfway through the season is half the season in the hospital bed. Injuries also make Wilshere and Santi Cazorla forever unable to offer 100% real power to the Gunners. Eduardo da Silva is always a sad story when his budding career is overwhelmed by horrific injuries.

And Ramsey himself is a witness to that, with Shawcross’s shot nine years ago.
So, Wenger’s army from an absolute champion of England became a British joke. And the fans are only admired by pure love and no longer have any respect for the title.

“Arsenal fans have great loyalty and love.” – Ramsey said so in his farewell.

Van Persie, Nasri and Alex Song bid farewell to the team in search of a chance to win the title. Cecs Fabregas was “home” and then returned to London to … wear Chelsea. Rosicky and Santi Cazorla said goodbye when strength was not enough to allow them to continue playing. Each farewell was made with regret about the journeys that did not reach the destination.
But the Gunners fan is always there, to show that the team stands on any individual.

However, the Gooners also show that they are the ones who understand. They understand that these farewell events are always from two-sided causes. And they knew that as long as the club tried a little more, the stars would not leave.

Like today, Ramsey is the same.

So, Ramsey’s announcement not only brought sadness because he had to bid farewell to him, but also a beautiful generation of a dreamy childhood.

Although Boss is still there, Wenger will probably leave with Rambo.

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