Parasites – The movie is worth watching

Parasite has attracted attention since receiving 8-minute applause at the Cannes Film Festival. Really, listen to applause for up to 8 minutes who did not notice. Later when it was released, I received countless compliments that made everyone curious.

First of all, it must be confirmed that this is a good movie, worth watching. First, Parasite is more psychological, philosophical, not horror movies or Japanese parasites. But even more is not a detective, we do not see the film where the brain hack where someone cries brain like that.
Commendation with philosophical analysis is rife. For me, maybe I just saw The talented Mr. The Ripley we see Parasite has a slight similarity. Of course, the situation is completely different, but the attachment, the class, the greed and the falling process all push like that. Which The talented Mr. Ripley, it’s hard for a movie to match. So Parasite has just reached the moderate or moderate level. The special feature between these 2 films is The talented Mr. Ripley portrays the criminal so authentically that it empathizes the audience. And Parasite, from the beginning, we saw something was wrong, something was outrageous, sympathetic but not sympathetic.

In short, Parasite is also quite a successful film. Recommended to see.

Oh, the opening minute also has a cast that reminds the audience to turn off the phone when watching, oh so cute :)) It’s Korean. Say cute again, please 1 minute PR: the son in the movie is played by Choi Woo-sik. He used to play an extremely moe movie, Hogu’s love. Impressed with photos please watch movies.

The Ki-taek family is a poorly pathetic family. They have to snuggle in a house under the road, window overlooking the filthy alley people often vomit and urinate when drunk. Ki-taek’s father is unemployed, his mother Chung-sook was a talented athlete but also unemployed, his two brothers Ki-woo and Ki-jung because of their family circumstances but could not continue their studies.

Min Hyuk, a friend of Ki-woo preparing to study abroad should leave the job of tutoring the Park’s daughter to him. The Park family is a model high-class family, like a castle, with both a butler and a private driver, the husband makes no money, his wife does not know the housework, the children are invested and educated without missing anything. Seeing this opportunity, Ki-woo and his sister fake a degree to be an English tutor. After witnessing that the house needed a lot of hired workers, the Ki-taeks plotted to make the Park fire people and hire themselves. Ki-jung works as a painting teacher for his youngest son Park, Ki-taek’s father is a private driver, Chung-sook’s mother is a housekeeper in place of Moon-gwang.

From here, they are under the pretense of freeloading and making money from the Park. One day, when Park went on a picnic, the Ki-taek went to the mansion and danced there like his own house. Suddenly, the old butler Moon-gwang came and begged her to come in and get something to forget. No doubt she came to see her husband. She kept her husband in the basement of this mansion for 4 years, stealing Park’s food for him every day. She begged Chung-sook mother to let her husband continue to live here, daily to feed him. But the angry mother threatened to call the police. Suddenly 3 Ki-taek and his father eavesdropped and fell down, revealing that they were an identity-making family to come to work. The two sides are types of parasitic scams meet.

At that time, the Park family went out. The two parasites were frightened, Chung-sook mother, in a hurry, accidentally kicked the housekeeper Moon-gwang into the tunnel, causing her to beat her head to death, three Ki-taek father and son tied the husband down. The tunnel then ran home. The next day, Park’s house had a grand birthday party for his son. Ki-woo takes this opportunity to hold the stone in the pit, intending to kill the husband to kill him. No doubt he had pulled from the rope, fighting him back. The husband, after beating Ki-woo unconscious, goes crazy with a knife and throws a knife at Ki-taek’s family kill party.

He stabs Ki-jung’s chest while she holds the birthday cake for Park’s son, causing the boy to go into shock. Chaos broke out, eventually Ki-taek killed the other husband. But while his mind was reeling, his father Ki-taek was accumulated by the disdain of the poor of the Park and stabbed the Park owner with a knife, then fled.

Eventually Ki-jung dies, Ki-woo is surgically passed away, continues to live poorly with his mother, and the father fled the unknown whereabouts. Sometime later, Ki-woo often goes up the hill to look back at the Park mansion, which is now sold to others. He saw an indoor light blinking in morse code. So that was the signal the father was hiding in the basement sending him. Knowing his father was still alive, he vowed to become rich, to buy that house so he could live properly.

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