A book worth reading, you should read, but not every mood you read it “in”, so that’s when you feel you need to find a way for yourself, the times you stop and do it yourself. ask if I’m living up to what I really want, whether I’m being swept away by the crowd? … why my feelings come back to the time when I haven’t trained anything? … and the book comes to I’ve been talking about it for a long time, but the messages it needs to get through are just starting to rekindle, it’s a book that’s not difficult to read, but without minding it, you won’t be able to read it. how easy it is.
I will review it in April!

Good night world!

This book was read for 9 days, March 12-21, 2017, even though I tried to read it for a week 😛

This is an easy-to-read book when you think it’s necessary – or rather duyên

The book is a light story through the story of Master Thich Nhat Hanh about the life of Buddha, who was born to have the ability to greatly influence many others. The life of the Buddha in the story is a retelling of a person, who started out as a buffalo boy, met the Buddha immediately after his enlightenment, and then, when he was old enough to join the Buddha’s Congregation , the buffalo boy has been accompanying Buddha for the rest of his life.

A life that perhaps, if you are you, you also want to live in the same era with Him, to be Him “degree” or also known as enlightenment for you about the suffering that is due to “you”, read that light story, seeing life can always be pink, no matter what happens, it doesn’t affect the way you react to it, but to have that power, you have to “cultivate practice ”a lot, and in order to practice quickly, you need to have fellow practitioners – this view I think is due to Teacher, but it also has grounds for you to believe that it is possible, choose you but playing, near the black level, near the light then the light or you are the average of the 5 people you play best…. something like that.

So, if you want to be who you are, or play with people you imagine, play with them, behave like them, live life like them … or else, find out for yourself. my own path – this is a brave act in the magical life of the crowd now, sometimes it is a virtual crowd, only by the will of one or a few people, the rest are all are the sheep behind 🙂

Life is simple, if you have the ability to calm down before all the fluctuations, but it will be really complicated when you do not have that ability, simplifying life is not an easy job, but you can do it. You will love that life forever.

Read the book yourself when you really get to it, or you can watch a movie about Buddha ^^

I find the book makes me good at going through a crisis.

By the way, you can always read a series of Master’s books, see the same thoughts through each page, and like the Plum Village-style retreat – it is also advisable to have an understanding and empathy when reading the Master’s work.

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